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December 20, 2008

A piece written by the 19-year old Jack Kerouac

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My Mad Sunset Birth” by Jack Kerouac.

P.S. Today’s my first meeting with the client. I’m going to meet her at a local public library near her place. I’m nervous, but I’m beginning to feel really confident. I’ll get a better understanding of the case after meeting with her as opposed to going in only with a small blurb written by the UAC when you get the case. Today, the meeting is just about her telling me her story. Afterwards, I’ll look over the fact pattern, spot the issues, and start doing my research. My advisor (who is really cool!) has done about 17-18 cases already and she told me that there are some cases that just bum you out because of your client’s story. She told me that after hearing one of them, she sat by herself for a while and didn’t say anything. But the thing is that although their stories do depress us, we have now been given the power to scribble into the pages of those stories. I think as law students, we have to keep in mind that no matter how depressing the story, we have been given (or more properly put, will inherit) the immense power of potentially changing all sad stories into happy ones. This is the art of the lawyer. Will update you on how the meeting went.

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