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October 29, 2008

Saved by the Bell…Well, Nearly

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During my only class yesterday (emphasizing because it takes me an average of an hour–if I’m lucky–to get to campus and back home), not even half-way through, the fire alarm rang. It took the last person in the class to get out of the building ten minutes after the alarm rang. How do I know? I was that person, of course. It’s just remarkable how when we hear a fire alarm go off, the first thing we think of is: “Ah! It’s just a drill.” We rarely think that there’s a possibility that the other half of the building is up in flames. We’ve become so accustomed to them that we’ve become like those lovers in The Kindergarten Cop where they were making out in the closet before Schwarzenegger finds them and brutally berates them (I mean, what could be more menacing than Arnold? That’s enough of a reason to get out of a building, fire or not). The threat of a fire has become so remote due to constant drillings that the fire alarm has lost its effectiveness. Threat of a fire has now become a myth within the public square. One of these days, God forbid, someone is going to get hurt really badly.

On a more musical note, I finally received my Hohner Special 20 harmonica in the key of C in the mail. It’s absolutely beautiful, smooth to the touch, and plays like a charm. I’m learning to play Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” right now. Pretty soon, I’ll be Little Walter. Mark my words.

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