One L(ove)

January 3, 2010

A letter

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Dearest God,

I will be extra good this year if the Jets win tonight.


Two L(efts don’t make a right, but three do)

Update: Awesomeness!


December 31, 2009

I’m back for the 34th time…just like Kid Rock, baby, Kid Rock.

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Heya Kiddies!

I’m back. I know that I have said this before (more like in every post), but I plan on writing consistently from now on. The biggest reason why I set this blog up is so I can chronicle my thoughts, attitudes, and experiences during my law school journey – so that when I look back, I can see my development during this period. Hopefully it’ll be for the best. I also hope that by writing, I can foster a sort of dialogue between myself and the readers that will not only be beneficial to me, but to everyone.

I plan on writing a much more substantive post tomorrow but until then, I wish you all a safe and happy New Year! This decade was a horrible one for world peace, let’s hope the upcoming one will be much better.

Tanoshimou ne!

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August 15, 2009

So True. So, so true.

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I’m back! Sorry for not having posted anything in quite a while. Just have been extremely busy. But promise to post more regularly. So stay tuned!

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June 8, 2009

Happy 60th!

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Happy 60th anniversary to Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”! The book that changed my viewpoints, principles, politics, world, and life forever. 

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April 21, 2009

At the bookstore

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Clive Cussler

Clive Cussler

After a grueling day of classes, I usually go to the Barnes & Noble near campus to study. Recently, a man who drops by there to read all of the works within Clive Cussler’s oeuvre (he’s on the last fiction book!) has made it a habit to come sit near me at the lounge. You won’t believe how much this guy knows — everything from nuclear submarines, gems, World War II, radios, guns (he’s a proud NRA member), the Civil War, the black hole, pirates, comets, Nikola Tesla, underground communities in subways, leather couches, and how to start a fight at a wedding. He imparts his wisdom to me on such matters when he takes a break from reading Clive Cussler (usually after each chapter). Besides being extremely learned, he is known for his eccentric personality. One day, while we were sitting and talking, he started yelling holy mantras (i.e., profanities) at the top of his lungs, completely out of nowhere — it was as if the Dharmakaya Buddha was speaking through him, making known to everyone of its presence. Last week, Hungry Girl was visiting the bookstore to lecture about eating healthier, which irritated our friend. Reluctant to throw his Clive Cussler book at her (“I can’t throw this at her. I’m nearly done with it. I’m going to write him [Clive Cussler] a letter after I finish reading it. By the way do you have a live hand grenade?”), he picks up the book nearest to him, which was fittingly entitled “Love Your Life” — what a poetic scene. Well, today, this how the conversation went: 

Clive Cussler fan: Hey! I used to be really big, ya know.

Me: Yeah? How did you lose it? Running? Dieting? Exercising? 

Clive Cussler fan: Nope. 

Me: Then how? What’s your secret? Spill it! I need to trim down as well. 

Clive Cussler fan: Well, when you have Type 2 diabetes, your body basically starts eating itself. 


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April 19, 2009

Sighs of Relief and Despair

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Ladies and gentlemen, the summer job search has come to an end. I will be interning fulltime with one of the justices at the Appellate Division, First Department in NYC this summer. The courthouse is extremely beautiful, both inside and out. Although the internship is not paid, at least I’ll get a wealth of experience. I’m really looking forward to it and am extremely excited. After work, I could go take the bus up to MoMA to watch the films that are played there. Also, the Strand Bookstore is less than a mile’s walk away. The Bryant Park Summer Film Festival will also be taking place soon. Now I have to find a good music store, preferably with a strong jazz collection. I can’t wait for the summer to start. 

This upcoming week is my last one at my current job. I’m going to really miss some of the people there. 


I had my oral argument for my Appellate Advocacy class on Thursday. You wouldn’t believe what happened before it. An hour before my argument was scheduled to take place, my car’s tire blew out. Can you believe that? My partner picked me up and we both went to campus to further prepare for our arguments. As we got on campus, we saw four police cars standing outside, along with an ambulance. One of our classmates, from the first round of arguments scheduled for the day (we were the third and last), came up to us and said that one of the girls from round 2 fainted while being questioned by the judges. We were in disbelief. Surely enough, a stretcher with a girl on it was wheeled out of the front door and passed right in front of me. I hope she’s doing well. It’s really stressful. You can’t help but to have deep respect for litigators. 

I’ve realized something. Following this approach towards oral argument will make your responses to judge’s questions efficient and effective: 


God has made me discover the works of John Cassavetes and Phillip Glass. And I’ve been on my knees ever since. I’m also getting into opera – uh oh. 


Finals are two weeks away. I’m nearly done with my first year! This means that I have to change the blog’s name. Two L(ane Freeway)? haha…that’s horrible. 


I hate hipsters.


I promise to update this blog as much as I can during the summer. 


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April 12, 2009

Seventy Easter Sundays Ago

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70 Easter Sundays ago, the great contralto Marian Anderson sang on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 75,000 people were in attendance, including senators and Supreme Court justices. The Roosevelts had arranged the open-air concert after the Daughters of the American Revolution refused to allow Anderson to sing at the Constitution Hall due to the color of her skin. Alex Ross, in his article “Voice of the Century” which appears in the April 13th edition of The New Yorker, quotes Martin Luther King, Jr. (who was ten when Anderson sang on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial) as saying about the event: “She sang as never before, with tears in her eyes. When the words of ‘America’ and ‘Nobody Knows de Trouble I Seen’ rang out over that great gathering, there was a hush on the sea of uplifted faces, black and white, and a new baptism of liberty, equality, and fraternity. That was a touching tribute, but Miss Anderson may not as yet spend the night in any good hotel in America.” 70 Easter Sundays ago marked not only the greatest moment in Anderson’s career, but also marked one of the defining moments in our country’s social history — where a beautiful voice united a crowd of all kinds of color to show the absurdity of racism. 

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March 29, 2009

Shimmy Shammer, shatter Dali’s clocks with your hammer

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Kenzaburo Oe was 23 years old when he wrote his first book Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids. I’m 23 and have not a single word written. Summer’s a few weeks away. In the abstract, I can already feel the delicate skin against soft sand but my hands — they’re too coarse and badly cut to touch. 

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March 12, 2009

The world could sleep a little better tonight…

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now that this disgraced fuckstick is heading off to jail. 

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March 1, 2009

I should really be working on my brief but…

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My brother made me listen to this ghazal by Ustadh Amanat Ali Khan, the great Pakistani classical singer. The ghazal is called “Aa Meray Pyaar ki Khushbu” (translation: “Come the Fragrance of my Beloved”). It’s a beautiful ghazal and I don’t know if Amanat is directing the lyrics at a lover or God. Regardless of who the object (well, well. The object can also be the subject!) of the ghazal is, I want to share it with you. Below the video, there is a transliteration from Urdu and then after a stanza, there’s a translation of it which my brother worked on (with the help of my mother) by modifying another translation to make it more accessible, I guess. The ghazal has made me become more interested in trying to understand my own native culture. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I do:


aa mere pyar ki khushbu, aa mere pyar ki khushbu
aa mere pyar ki khushbu, manzil pe tujhe puhanchayein
aa mere pyar ki khushbu

Come, Beloved, let the fragrance of my love, Come, Beloved, let the fragrance of my love,
Come, Beloved, let the fragrance of my love, direct you to the destiny 

chalta chal humraahi, chalta chal humraahi
meri zulf ke saaye saaye, aa mere pyar ki khushbu
aa mere pyar ki khushbu, aa mere pyar ki khushbu

Walk, my partner, walk my partner
Beneath the shades of my tress. Come, Beloved, let the fragrance of my love,
Let the fragrance of my love…

suuraj ki tarah mein chamkuun, par mujh mein dhuup nahi hae
mujh mein dhuup nahi hae…
jo shola ban kar lapkay, mera aisa roop nahi hae
mera aisa roop nahi hae…
jo nazron ko jhulsaaye, aa mere pyar ki khushbu
aa mere pyar ki khushbu, aa mere pyar ki khushbu

I shine like the Sun, but there is no sunshine within me,
There is no sunshine within me…
That burns one’s face, I don’t reach like the rays
I don’t reach like the rays…
That burns one’s sight. Come, Beloved, let the fragrance of my love,
Let the fragrance of my love…

mein raat ki aankh ka taara, mein nuur ka roshan dhaara
nuur ka roshan dhaara…
mein jaagon raat ke dil mein, jab so jaaye jag saara
so jaaye jag saara…
tab teri yaad aa jaye, aa mere pyar ki khushbu
aa mere pyar ki khushbu, aa mere pyar ki khushbu

I am the star of the night’s Eye, I am the brightest ray of the Light
The brightest ray of the Light…
I live awake in the heart of the night, while the whole world sleeps
While the whole world sleeps…
When your memories slowly grab me right. Come, Beloved, let the fragrance of my love,
Let the fragrance of my love…

tu chunnta sirf mujh hii ko, pehchaan tujhe gar hoti
pehchaan tujhe gar hoti…
insaaf se tu khud kehta, yeh kankar hae, yeh moti
yeh kankar hae, yeh moti…
mera pyar tujhe samjhaaye, aa mere pyar ki khushbuu
aa mere pyar ki khushbu, manzil pe tujhe puhanchayein
aa mere pyar ki khushbu, aa mere pyar ki khushbu

You would have chosen me only, had you recognized
Had you recognized… 
Justly would you say, if I was a speck of dirt or a pearl,
A speck of dirt or a pearl?
My love will teach you (the difference)
.  Come, Beloved, the fragrance of my love.
Come, Beloved, let the fragrance of my love, direct you to the destiny.
Come, Beloved, let the fragrance of my love. Come, Beloved, let the fragrance of my love…


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