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April 19, 2009

Sighs of Relief and Despair

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Ladies and gentlemen, the summer job search has come to an end. I will be interning fulltime with one of the justices at the Appellate Division, First Department in NYC this summer. The courthouse is extremely beautiful, both inside and out. Although the internship is not paid, at least I’ll get a wealth of experience. I’m really looking forward to it and am extremely excited. After work, I could go take the bus up to MoMA to watch the films that are played there. Also, the Strand Bookstore is less than a mile’s walk away. The Bryant Park Summer Film Festival will also be taking place soon. Now I have to find a good music store, preferably with a strong jazz collection. I can’t wait for the summer to start. 

This upcoming week is my last one at my current job. I’m going to really miss some of the people there. 


I had my oral argument for my Appellate Advocacy class on Thursday. You wouldn’t believe what happened before it. An hour before my argument was scheduled to take place, my car’s tire blew out. Can you believe that? My partner picked me up and we both went to campus to further prepare for our arguments. As we got on campus, we saw four police cars standing outside, along with an ambulance. One of our classmates, from the first round of arguments scheduled for the day (we were the third and last), came up to us and said that one of the girls from round 2 fainted while being questioned by the judges. We were in disbelief. Surely enough, a stretcher with a girl on it was wheeled out of the front door and passed right in front of me. I hope she’s doing well. It’s really stressful. You can’t help but to have deep respect for litigators. 

I’ve realized something. Following this approach towards oral argument will make your responses to judge’s questions efficient and effective: 


God has made me discover the works of John Cassavetes and Phillip Glass. And I’ve been on my knees ever since. I’m also getting into opera – uh oh. 


Finals are two weeks away. I’m nearly done with my first year! This means that I have to change the blog’s name. Two L(ane Freeway)? haha…that’s horrible. 


I hate hipsters.


I promise to update this blog as much as I can during the summer. 


Currently listening to: LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver

Recently watched: Tony Kaye’s Lake of Fire



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