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November 26, 2008

When a Firing Brings Forth a Cold Breeze in the Workplace

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Keeping in mind that with the economy in a bad state and law firms looking for any reasons to layoff attorneys and members of the staff (i.e. looking to fire people who aren’t dedicated enough), what do I ask my boss for? A two weeks vacation – well, it is not a vacation really, I need the time to study for my final exams. Ah, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! But I’m not afraid of losing my job. Even though my boss reluctantly gave me the time off, I could read from her face: “If you weren’t big, adorable, cuddly, and strong enough to lift boxes [minus the adorable and cuddly part, of course], I would have canned your ass. You’re lucky. Having a great Thanksgiving.”

The firm I work in did fire somebody though. The legal secretary they fired was such a sweetheart, extremely dedicated to her work, and really helpful in giving me good advice about my prospective career and life in general. It is definitely true that as a law student, you learn more about the legal career from the staff than you do from the attorneys. Some of us at work still haven’t found out why she was let go, especially before the holidays. When a thing like that happens to a good person, you can’t help but to feel bummed out and feel really uncomfortable for a very long time.

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