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November 23, 2008

Contracts is Over!…For Now

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The reading assignment this semester for my Contracts class has officially come to an end (next semester I have Contracts II…it never ends). Even though I found this class to be really interesting (after Torts, of course), I am kind of relieved. Not only does it indicate that the semester is nearly over (two weeks from tomorrow I have my first final) but being the guy who is the second-most-called-upon-person-in-class surely gives me a peace of mind. Because Contracts is my small section class, the chances of being called upon are extremely high. However, the distribution of questions asked to each student was far from equal. The only person who got it worst than I did is the one who sits right next to me. I tried my best not to make eye contact whenever my professor (who is really cool and down to earth by the way and I definitely see myself taking more classes with him in the near future, besides taking Contracts II with him next semester) asked a question, but when we both made eye contact…BAM! All over! Each time I couldn’t look away. It’s the perfect illustration of a “deer caught in headlights.” A prey paralyzed with fear right before the fatal attack by the predator. But, as sick as it may sound, I really had fun. In the first few hundred times of being called upon in that class, it was such a harrowing experience each time. However, now I feel as if I have developed a sense of confidence in what I have to say, no matter how wrong I might be. 

I recently came across this video in YouTube. It is a skit on Contracts by the Law Revue of George Washington University School of Law. I swear to you, this is exactly how my class is and I am just like the person in the green shirt at the very back:

One of my classmates told me that a small section Contracts class from Section B is merging with my class next semester since their professor is leaving for the semester to teach at Brooklyn Law. So that means that chances of me being called upon would be minimal right? I doubt it.

I realize that this is the time of the year that seniors in colleges around the country are applying to law schools. If you are one of them and read my blog, sorry if I’ve scared you. It’s not that bad (or is it?…muhaha). Oh that reminds me, if you are applying to law schools right now and are considering applying to Hofstra and have any questions concerning the school or just the application process in general, do not be hesitant to contact me and ask them. I usually don’t try to run away from those types of questions.

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